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Our Vision

Vision Media is not just a social media agency. We're a community that looks out for our clients, helping them strive to achieve success in their professions, including the following forms of video:

• Content Creation

• Social Media Shorts

• Advertisements

• Short Films


We offer monthly and yearly 'Rank' subscription to all our editing clients. These plans include the following features:

• No commitments (Cancel anytime)

• Discount Offers

• Unlimited call / text-messaging sessions with our editing team

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  • YDA Podcast

    "In the span of two months working with Vision Media, we have drastically grown our social media presence throughout our TikTok and YouTube platforms. If you're new to content creation, or looking for editors that can produce high-quality videos, Vision Media is the go-to."

  • Rachael Tyson

    "As a full time vlogger, Vision Media's outstanding video editing has not only reduced the stress of making consistent uploads, but also improved the production quality of my videos. If you, like me are in need of video editing due to not having the time or skills, I definitely recommend Vision Media."

  • Adam Caddel

    "Vision Media has played a pivotal role in the growth of my gym. They have edited videos for me which are used as advertisements, training procedures and graphics that are displayed within our facilities. In all honesty, their work is excellent as they always fulfill my needs and meet the deadlines I provide."

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